Patient perspectives on gluten grain intolerances and sensitivities

including the celiac disease subset,

and the risks of gluten challenges for diagnostic purposes.


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Gary Hansen,  402-694-5125

(Kitchen Equipment, and cookbooks)


Pleasant Hill Grain from Aurora Nebraska offers quality tools and resources to the health conscious cook and gourmet. From grinders for making your own fresh flour from alternative grains, to the unparalleled Bosch Universal mixer, you’ll find long-life equipment that makes cooking more nutritious... and fun!


I am Mark Burstyn, Pharm.D a compounding pharmacist and I can help gluten intolerant patients with my compounding expertise. I CAN COMPOUND MEDICATIONS TO SUIT YOUR GLUTEN INTOLERANCE.  I look forward to helping.

Colonial Pharmacy, 1326 S, Baldwin Ave; Arcadia, CA 91007
626-447-3591; 626-447-4379 fax 

The Nutrition Doc  Connie Sanchez N.D. Naturopathic Doctor

I am a Naturopathic Doctor, graduate of National College of Naturopathic Medicine, specializing in autoimmune disease, thyroid disorders, cancer prevention and survival, gastrointestinal health and detoxification. The foundation of my work is optimal nutrition and discovering the cause of why someone is ill not just treating symptoms.  I have found that many people with chronic illness can't heal unless their gastrointestinal tract is healthy & functioning. Gluten-intolerance and Celiac Disease are often at the core of these illnesses. I teach people how to get well using natural remedies, lifestyle modifications, detoxification, stress reduction/management and whole foods nutrition.

Dr. Connie Sanchez, ND
The Nutrition Doc
Center for Health
3190 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Ste 301
Lakewood, CO 80227
303-934-3753 X 7 (office)
303-985-4673 (fax)

Our certified organic personal care products are free of common allergens including gluten, casein and soy.  Many of our products (including the insect repellent “Buzz Free Personal Spray”) carry the USDA logo for organic food.  Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and the company operations are carbon neutral.


We have a wide range of incredibly pure skin care, hair care, body care, oral care and cosmetics.

Josie Nelson


GLUTEN NOTICE:  There are two products in our line of more than 80 products that do contain gluten: Reflect Outdoor Balm Sunscreen (oat kernel flour) and In-Liven probiotic.  





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